Over recent years there has been a profound shift in how a growing number of CEOs, social entrepreneurs, investors and strategic philanthropists view the purpose and potential of their work.

Whereas the conversation used to be focused upon how one might do well and then do good; increasingly our focus is upon how to do well and do good—a shift from an “either/or” value proposition to a “both/and” value proposition.

For those pursuing this emerging vision of value creation, the immediate challenge is that the structures a bifurcated world offers us—grants or investing; for-profit or non-profit organizations—simply are not up to the task at hand. Instead, those in pursuit of value as integrated, whole and non-divisible are creating new ways of thinking about their value proposition as well as creating new tools to capture the value they seek.

I have had the honor of working with many extraordinary individuals and organizations advancing this new value vision. And I have spent many hours working to organize my own thinking as well as engage with others in framing these ideas. This page is the “mother page” that hosts various articles and papers I have either authored or co-authored over recent years.

Naturally, I’ve tried to organize these in a logical manner, but you may have to drill down to find the pieces you seek or bounce around a bit between pages to find new ones you’ve not seen. In general, I have posted them in chronological order, which should help–although in some cases I opted to present them in a “conceptual flow” since sometimes one thinks in process more than chronology.

I hope you find them of interest and assistance in your own quest…and many thanks for delving into the work we present here—please feel free to suggest additional resources worthy of promoting!

An Interview with Conscious Company Magazine

Total Portfolio Management: Construction of An Impact Portfolio

Understanding Impact: The Current and Future State of Impact Investing Research

The Millenial Perspective: Understanding Preferences of the New Asset Owners

Present Risk, Future Reward: Shared Reflections on Building the Market for Impact Investing

Driving Impact Through Donor Advised Funds

From Grants to Groundbreaking: Unlocking Impact Investing

Seeding the Future: Challenges and Opportunities in Early Stage Impact Investing

Beyond Good versus Evil: Hedge Fund Investing, Capital Markets and the Sustainability Challenge

Reject the Reset!

Back to Our Financial Future: The Up Side of Down Markets

But Does it Work? How Best to Assess Program Performance Stanford Social Innovation Review

From Fragmentation to Function: Critical Concepts and Writings on Social Capital Markets’ Structure, Operation, and Innovation

Blended Value Investing: Innovations in Real Estate

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: Addressing the Critical Gaps in Risk-Taking Capital for Social Enterprise

Blended Value Investing: Integrating Environmental Risks and Opportunities into Securities Valuation

Where Money Meets Mission: Creating a Unified Investment Portfolio

The Prudent Trustee: Evolution of the Long Term Investor

Blended Value Investing: An Initial Paper from The World Economic Forum

Capitalism 3.0

In Search of Value

Sustainable Capitalism

Maximizing Blended Value

Shifting into Foundation Overdrive

The Investor’s Toolkit

Total Foundation Asset Management: Exploring Elements of Engagement Within Philanthropic Practice

Moving Ahead Together: Implications of Blended Value for the Future of Our Work

Reflections on Philanthropic Effectiveness

The 21st Century Foundation: Building Upon the Past, Creating for the Future

The Blended Value Proposition: Integrating Social and Financial Returns

Where Money Meets Mission

Total Foundation Asset Management: Exploring Elements of Engagement Within Philanthropic Practice

Outcome Thinking: Characteristics and Applications in a Changing Landscape

Money Matters: The Structure, Operations and Challenges of Nonprofit Funding

Horse Manure and Grantmaking

Frontiers In Social Investing: Understanding and Exploring the Social Value Note Harvard University

Mutual Accountability and the Wisdom of Frank Capra

A Capital Idea: Total Foundation Asset Management and The Unified Investment Strategy

Riding the Bleeding Edge: A Framework for Tracking Equity in the Social Sector and the Creation of a Nonprofit Stock Market