Have you read the ImpactAssets Issue Briefs?

I’m spending the better part of this summer (on top of all the calls and meetings and time I seem to be spending talking these days!!) holed up in the Rockies, simply writing…

I find my best writing comes from working with others and so this spring asked a number of impact fund managers and thought leaders whether there would be an interest in working on an expanded set of ImpactAssets Issue Briefs. I was genuinely surprised to find a number of folks welcomed the invitation, and so in addition to working on a new book exploring issues in Social Finance, I’m also collaborating with a variety of folks to release what looks to be 12 new Issue Briefs by year end!!

Pretty cool stuff to work on with a great team of experts, each Brief addressing a different aspect of challenges/ideas involved in impact investing.

But then it occurred to me that there were probably a bunch of folks who may have missed our release of our initial four briefs from last year–looking at everything from risk, return and performance, to firm level impact and total portfolio investing strategies!

So… just in case they got by you, you can find those first four Briefs here–and I hope they whet your appetite for the set of new Briefs we’re preparing for you this Summer!!

Best to each of you!