BV Map Papers

Below you'll find the original BV Map Papers dating from 2000 to 2003.

The Nature of Returns: A Social Capital Markets Inquiry into Elements of Investment and The BVP

This paper was written during Emerson’s tenure on the faculty of Harvard Business School and is his first exploration into the notion of the Blended Value Proposition. The paper is about as academic as Emerson has the capacity to be (which is an albeit limited capacity) and explores notions of social capital markets, the New Metrics, the links between social and financial value creation and other related areas. The document concludes with a clarion call to re-invent our understanding of the nature of value and the pursuit of multiple returns. Addressing the existing nature of investment and return gives potential insight on central issues, such as: What do we value? How do we track efforts to increase that value? And what is the most effective way to structure capital markets to maximize total, Blended Value?

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The Blended Value Map: Tracking the Intersects and Opportunities of Economic, Social and Environmental Value Creation

Tracking the intersects and opportunities of economic, social and environmental value creation.

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Blended Value Executive Summary

Executive summary of the blended value map.

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The Blended Value Glossary

The blended value glossary (the BVG) is intended to advance a single, comprehensive nomenclature so that our common language can be a source of power instead of perplexity. The BVG will strive for convergence, streamlining the lexicon so that single concepts are connected to single terms (and vice versa). The BVG will strive for precision, clarifying subtle distinctions among concepts and terms. But when convergence and precision are not possible, the BVG will simply present how a term is used within a variety of contexts. The result, we hope, will be not only a singular, definitive resource, but also an opportunity for collaboration among the “silos” within the blended value universe and for the participants to strive for a more collective identity.

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Blended Resource Bibliography

A 200+ page annotated bibliography of supporting documents and organizations presenting brief summaries of what is listed on the Map and to be used in concert with the Map itself.

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