Jed Emerson

Originator of the concepts of Blended Value and Total Portfolio Management, Jed Emerson has extensive experience leading, staffing and advising funds, firms, social ventures and foundations pursuing financial performance with social/environmental impact. In addition to his writing, Jed currently focuses on working with families exploring how to ensure a long term legacy by managing their full net worth for impact. He also advises investment firms on the implications of an impact investing framework for their practice. He is an internationally recognized Thought Leader in impact investing, social entrepreneurship and strategic philanthropy. Emerson has played founder roles with some of the nation’s leading venture philanthropy, community venture capital and social enterprises.


  • Selected twice as one of North America’s Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior – 2012-2013, and awarded a Life Time appointment in 2015.
  • Together with co-author, Antony Bugg-Levine, winner of the 2012 Nautilus Gold Book Award for their authorship of the first book on the topic of impact investing.
  • Emerson has also co-authored 7 books on the topics of Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing, along with scores of papers and articles on those and related topics.
  • Twice Selected by the NonProfit Times as one of the 50 Most Influential People in the Sector.

Emerson is currently

  • Senior Advisor to family offices in Asia, the United States and Europe.
  • He sits on the external investment committee of Tiedemann Wealth Management (New York City) and is an Advisor to William Blair Wealth Management (Chicago).
  • Senior Fellow with Toniic, a global impact investing network
  • Senior Fellow with ImpactAssets, a nonprofit financial services firm
  • Senior Research Fellow with the Center for Social Investment, Heidelberg University (Germany)

He has served as

  • Managing Director for Integrated Performance with Uhuru Capital Management, a commercial market fund of hedge funds group with an impact investing strategy
  • Senior Fellow with Generation Investment Management Foundation (London/New York), philanthropic arm of the leading sustainable investment group founded by David Blood and Al Gore
  • Senior Fellow with the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (2001-2004).
  • Project Manager with the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, a pioneering youth development foundation focused on nonprofit capacity building and executing a strategy for scaling proven social programs

He has held faculty appointments at Harvard, Stanford and Oxford University Business Schools.

In addition,

  • As founding director of REDF/HEDF, one of the first venture philanthropy funds, Emerson played a key role in advancing Social Entrepreneurship and innovations in strategic giving.
  • As founding director of Larkin Street Youth Services, he led the creation of one of the leading street outreach and service programs in the United States, meeting homeless and runaway youth where they are while offering alternatives to help them get to where they want to be.
  • As originator of the concept of Blended Value, he has advanced new thinking and practice for both mission motivated investors and entrepreneurs launching sustainable, for-profit businesses.
  • As an internationally recognized author and passionate speaker, he has presented his work at The World Economic Forum, Skoll World Forum and countless conferences around the globe, addressing business, social justice, philanthropy, sustainable development and impact investing audiences.

Emerson holds master degrees in both business and social work administration, has written over thirty articles/papers and co-edited multiple books on topics as diverse as sustainable investing, performance metrics and measurement, impact investing and sustainable hedge fund investing. He works with foundations, investment funds, individuals, social enterprises and businesses to assist those who seek to maximize the total value of their investing and entrepreneurship to attain their personal and professional visions.

Contact Information:
Twitter: @blendedvalue